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Savage Worlds (SWADE) Rules Part 1 – Terms & Stuff video

  Turning to P87 today we will start talking about the rules and things that are important to know before we jump into combat and I decided to do it this way because I wanted to get some terminology out of the way. I felt this was necessary before going further as these were terms

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Palladium Megaverse Podcast – Heroes Unlimited – Episode 7

Continuing where we left off in episode 6, the group makes their way into the secret FEAR base to recover the server information and see what they are up to. The group discovers some interesting information from spying on the group. Cast of Heroes Steven playing – The Mechanist Geoff playing – American Muscle Corey

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Just Thinking, RPGs, Channel stuff and Solo RPGS?

a channel update video, talking about things going on in RPGs, stuff going on with my channel and the thought of Solo RPGs in my life. ►Helpful Links◄ (These are affiliated links, each click supports my shows) ◘ Palladium Fantasy 1e book –… ◘ Palladium Fantasy 2e book –… ◘ RIFTS 1e

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