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AD&D Creature Venonat

FREQUENCY: Uncommon NO. APPEARING: 1d4 SIZE: Small MOVE: 60FT ARMOR CLASS: 7 HIT DICE: 2 ATTACKS: 1 DAMAGE: 1d4 (bite) SPECIAL ATTACKS: Sleep Stare, Signal Beam SPECIAL DEFENSES: N/A MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard LAIR PROBABILITY: 5% TREASURE: Determined by GM INTELLIGENCE: Semi ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral DESCRIPTION:  The Venonat travels around the nice warm country side or

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Let’s talk experience points…

So I was flipping through the Players Guide and Dungeon Masters Guide for First Edition AD&D, noticing that to gain a level, wasn’t easy. This made leveling a major event, not just another, “ok I leveled…”, instead, you feel accomplished, and it character meant something to you. I would like to point everyone to a

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Testing the new settings of this blog and this blog will be about all things a GM can run in games. Most games will focus on AD&D or D&D in general, with some World of Darkness, maybe some Army of Darkness RPG as well.

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