Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 41

The day continues as Shep gives the Count a tour around town and the count is impressed, offering Shep a baronship should he continue this way for 6 months. Meanwhile Lord Lee writes an important letter sending it off with a plan. Lady Blackiron and Lady Astrid meet up, exchange a few words leaving Astrid a little more annoyed at Blackiron then before. Nova cleans his room for various reasons. Seran comes riding into town, gathers everyone up with out question and they go riding off. The group notices the weather is now dark and foggy, the rain lightens up. Seran goes riding ahead and can’t find the Village he once saw. Seran, annoyed, rides back to the group’s camp. The group rest a bit and travels and finds a mysterious cabin in the woods, a man name Jefferies helps them find their way.
Cast of Heroes
Steven playing – Seran – Elf – Palladin
Geoff playing – Lord Lee – Human – Knight
Corey playing – Nova – Human – Summoner
Jakob playing – Shep – Human – Actor
Sarah playing – Lady Astrid – Human – Undead Hunter
Vince is the Game Master
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