Volume 5 Issue 169 – Tucker’s Kobolds

This week issue is inspired from a Roger Moore editorial from Dragon Magazine, entitled Tucker’s Kobolds. Demons and Dragons held nothing on Tucker’s Kobolds, and this week RFI delves into making lowly creatures fearsome and vicious to the point, your player’s will be begging to fighting a horde of dragons.


Crystal Mountains Blades

Two short swords with +2 to hit and +2 to save vs cold while holding.Blades look to be of crystal, and handle is wrapped in black leather, and are almost unbreakable.– 10% chance to break. If broken, they shatter instantly and the owner instantly feels sorrow and a void in his heart, a cold icy pain, lasts a week.

Rare, said to be forged in the high mountains in the Greyhawk world, called Crystalmist Mountains.
XP Value: 5000
Value: 10000

Pumpkin Satyr




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