Introducing B/X to New Players.

Hiya everyone. I decided to run my face to face group through the custom campaign we are designing here in the OSRGaming community. Adventures take place in the kingdom of the black knight. We are using Moldvay rules as a most of the group was brand new to 1e and now B/X edition!
The group of four characters, two Dwarves, a Cleric and a very ugly looking Elf, parted away from their homes to see out adventure, fame and glory. Upon their first night away, a massive storm ripped through the lands, sending hail to come crashing down on the land. The band of adventurers had to seek out shelter in a nearby Tor, in which they discovered that there was a well built room, paved in cobblestone and the walls covered in fancy designs. The room showing of age and dust, told the adventurers that no one has stepped foot inside this place in years. After exploring the night away, the group discovered that a group of goblins and hobgoblins had made their way down inside the place from the top of the mountain through a hole in the ceiling; into what appeared to be a sacrifice chamber. The adventurers cleared out the threat of goblins and killed the reanimated hobgoblin they found. The group rested until the heavy hail and rain let up.
Once the weather was better, the group set out for the nearest town to resupply and see if the local cleric can bring back the life of a fallen comrade. The town was Duvik’s Pass, a large community in the kingdom, which recently has fallen under some type of plague that was killing off the town’s folks very quickly. The local cleric, told the party of the recent happenings in town, as he brought their comrade back to life. They found the cleric suspected the water supply coming from the mountains was tainted and promised the group one hundred gold pieces to go investigate, with the possibility of getting more if he could get it from the town’s mayor.
The group decided to restock and go right away the next morning, but while at the local magic shop, two of the characters decided that the owner was charging too much to identify their found magical items and decided to threaten the old owner into some “cheap” prices. While the characters were successful, this wasn’t the last run in with the old shop owner for them.
At night while they were sleeping, an old man looking much like the shop owner was caught robbing the characters and tied up. While the group was gathering up trying to decide what to do with him, the old man freed himself and was able to slip out the window and down the back alley way, as the characters tried their best to run after him, missing by only inches trying to dive tackle him down to the ground.
The group ran to the magic shop to confront the owner, who claimed he was there the whole time, and called the guards, because the characters kicked in his door to the shop. The guards arrived to the scene and started questioning the characters and suddenly siding with the old shop owner, who stated that if he stole things, he’d have a large sack of all the items and gold. The Sheriff turned to the party and found this sack on one of them. He was instantly arrested and thrown in jail.
The party made note that the guards, sheriff and old man all were not affected by the plague and instantly started thinking that they were behind the plague in town, but decided to keep it as a secret while they investigated.
Now the party, negotiated their party member’s freedom, by saying they would explore the mountain’s spring area for no charge, if the sheriff would allow their comrade out on parole. This was agreed to, and the party headed back to the magic shop, where they tricked a lone guard into allowing them to buy stuff. What started as an innocent, just buy some healing potions, turned into the party trying to see what they can get for almost nothing of a price. One of the party members tricked the guard into selling him, a dusty old oil lamp.
As suspected, the characters found out this to be a genie lamp, and rubbed the lamp. The characters confronted by an annoyed genie who granted the characters one wish. The characters debated after a while and decided to use the wish for good, and wish the town to be cured of the plague that affects them. The genie granted the wish and cured the townsfolk by killing them instantly. The party then rubbed the lamp again, and lawyered up their wish and worded it correctly to bring the townsfolk back to life and curing them of the plague. It worked, as the townsfolk came back to life cured of the plague for the moment. The party realized that they were cured for now, and if they needed to live on, the water supply needed to be cleaned.
End Session
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