Volume 2 Issue 92 – Role Aids Undead

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E-mail 1
Hi Guys,

Have just listened to issue 90 off your show concerning DQ.
What a great show comparing the two systems DQ and AD&D.
It brought back a lot of good memories.
I played DQ back in the day and always remember it as a good free flowing RPG once you got into.
The problem was that it never had much off a chance to take off.
I think there where about three adventures and one map.
The rules were a box set and a hardback book when the 2nd ed came out.
The system was never supplement heavy as SPI were more interested in their board games and they went bust before they could do any real development of extra material.

Our DM who was referred as the GM and he was great.
We the players, referred to him in the same terms as you refer to Joe DM.
Our campaign was based off the Conan books and had most of the countries that appeared in the books. There weren’t many magic users and it was a very gritty campaign all mostly home brew due to lack of published material.

Just a few things.
Movement was called TMR tactical movement rate and you could do things like half move and attack, all fractions rounded down.
Our armour never lost its protection value as it was hit. A house rule that saved many party members lives.
For Will, all references regarding fatigue in the DQ rules were shown as FT.

Thanks for running an excellent show keep up the good work.
Orcs don’t have pig faces and clerics can used edged weapons.


Kevin brown.

E-Mail 2
Dear RFI

I just wanted to comment on the quality of the AD&D reprints.

My PHB went missing eons ago but I have a DMG and a MM. So I put the
money down for the PHB. I’ve got to say I’m happy with the quality.
Except the cover, which you guys have mentioned, its’ exactly the
same. The ONE difference in the interior is the ad at the back, as
one would expect. I don’t remember what the original PHB had an ad
for; might have been for the DMG. However, there is an ad in this
book to donate to the Gygax memorial fund, and ad is illustrated and
laid out in a 1st edition art style, so so it looks like the ads in
the books in days gone by.

John Semlak

E-Mail 3
Fanatasic show guys!!! I work overnights and finding you guys about a week or so ago, your podcasts have made the last several eveings go by soooo much faster! For that you have my thanks alone and I hope to so become a regular and active member of the forums soon! Keep at it guys! Know that here in Dallas you have our support!!!


Table Manners – Undead Legion Tactics 15:57.848
Role Aids Undead pf 10

Game Mechanics – Dwarven Race in Role Aids Undead 41:48.942
Role Aids Undead pg 12

The Dragon’s Hoard – Holy Sword of Griswold 50:42.346
Role Aids Undead pg 16

Creature Feature Theater – Fear Spiders 1:02:21.963
Role Aids Undead pg 23

Outro – 1:08:54.402


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