Volume 2 Issue 90 – Dragonquest

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Email 1
Hi guys! Love the show, wanted to hear your take on the spells that start with the Power Word. What do you think the cast shouts out as the power word? Would it be the secondary name or just some draconic word due to the spell?

Email 2
Just found the show, and I love it! My question to you, is I decided to make up a character like Batman (due to the movie just coming out) and I was wondering what you all thought he might be, class wise and what his alignment would be? Keep it up!
Harold the Kumar

Email 3
Guys, I am having trouble with the charging rules. Can you explain it by the book? and is there any house rules for it? Also, explain it as if I was using the 3 attacks every 2 rounds option. Great podcast, I am so happy you have a new show for my listening enjoyment every week!

Table Manners – Character Creation 14:20.973
Download Dragonquest

Game Mechanics – Combat 38:17.329

Creature Feature Theater – Harpy 54:00.975

Outro – 1:10:28.571


3 thoughts on “Volume 2 Issue 90 – Dragonquest

  1. Good podcast, nice to hear about DQ, my favorite RPG. You guys should try it out. Battles don’t take hours, the number of engaged people is small, and the game is pretty easy combat-wise. In DQ, a group of 4 orcs can be quite a handful, unlike in Dungeons and Dragons. Battles start slow for a few rounds, but once people start getting stunned and easier to hit, the monsters start dropping fast…and sometimes players do too.

  2. Just an FYI:

    In 1988, TSR published DQ1 The Shattered Statue, by Paul Jaquays.

    The module was an AD&D / Dragonquest rules mash-up, set in the Forgotten Realms.

    It might be of interest to some RFI listeners.

  3. Quality show guys. Brought back so many memories of playing with this system. Now most of the team and even will agreed this was a good system. Guys let metell you this system properly developed could have given ad&d a run for its money. This could havebeen the no2 or no3 system in the league tables. But spi went bust and was more interested in its boardgames. Keep up the good work

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