Volume 2 Issue 67 – Ravenloft

Intro 00.00:000
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Sage Advice – 9:40.688
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Table Manners – Roleplaying in the Land of Barovia 16:26.799
“Good Evening” – Dragon Issue 30 pg 7

Game Mechanics – Running a Gypsy -41:30.260
“The Gypsy Train” – Dragon Magazine Issue 93 pg 43
“Gypsies: A Curse or a Blessing – Or Both” Dragon Magazine Issue 59 pg 16

Creature Feature Theater – Azalin 52:39.486
I10 Ravenloft II: The House of Grython Hill pg 45
Azalin Rex http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azalin_Rex
“Blueprint for a Lich” – Dragon Magazine Issue 26 pg 36

The Dragon’s Hoard – The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind – 1:10:01.086
I6 Ravenloft pg 30

Adventure Construction Set – Roleplaying the Forces of Darkness in Ravenloft 1:19:42.824

Outro 1:25:28.227


2 thoughts on “Volume 2 Issue 67 – Ravenloft

  1. Hello there. Just wanted to say how amazing your podcast is. I live in Essex, England and have been listening to you guys on the underground to work every day. It has brought back great memories of playing d&d back in the late seventies and has got me reading all my game books again. Maybe even get a game going, you never no! Hey was also thinking how London underground tube trains are about the same size and shape as a purple worm, heavens that’s a big beast! See, you guys have got me thinking like a kid again. Keep up good work. You are magical! All the best, DM Robby from the Uk

  2. There is soooo much Ravenloft stuff out there with rules on on the mists, gypsies and the exact location of Ravenloft. It was all described in the Ravenloft box set that came out in the 90’s. They decribe Ravenloft as a demi-plane a plane of existance that borders on many different material planes so that characters can be pulled into Ravenloft from any campaign setting. I understand that you were discussing the AD&D modules from the 80’s but many topics have been published for many of the openended questions asked on the show. Another great refference are the Van Ritchens guides to werewolves, vamps, etc.. Thanks for the show, Love it!

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