The Suspense of Passing notes!

OK, well I am back, decided to focus on my new IT job to get into the swing of things and then come back posting like a madman!

Anyhow….Passing notes..

This is a great tool a DM can use during their game, this not only can be used to keep a group focused, it can be used to add a level of suspense to the game, possibly some mystery.

Why does this work?

Well think of this, you are playing a in game, there is a little lull in the game, and suddenly you see your DM, hand a small note to a player, in which the player reads with a small smile and then response with a quick nod yes or no.

Your first thought?

“What was that? Why did he get a note and not I? What was written on that note? Should I worry?”

Those questions will be the ones going through the heads of your players, and will more than likely get your game moving or back on track.

Most of the time you can write almost nothing that makes sense, or something silly. Most players will get it.

Typical things I or any DM can write on the notes:

1) You notice….

2) You hear….

3) You find…

And the best note of all

4) Read this and look back at me with a smile, say yes, hand paper back.

Use #4 when you really need to do it, especially if you see your group arguing about something stupid and the game is getting off track and you really have nothing to throw at them. Of course the typical monster attacks the group can be used, but that is not very creative.

So there you have it, some tips about using notes and keeping the group’s interest. What do you do?

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