OSR Magazine OUBLIETTE.. awesome!

OSR Magazine OUBLIETTE.. awesome!

Already on issue #5, I just stumbled upon this little gem called Oubliette magazine, and its offered for free as a pdf download. Now the publisher says about his magazine the following:

 “A magazine for old school fantasy roleplayers. Written for Labyrinth Lord, but also ideal for use with any Basic/Expert/Advanced original or clone, with little or no adjustment required. A compilation edition of the first four issues of Oubliette is also available on Lulu and offers a 35% saving against the total cost of the individual issues. The preview pages give the full contents of the magazine along with a couple of sample pages. In PDF form every issue of Oubliette comes with a bundle of supplemental materials. Print customers can get hold of these by E-mailing oubliettemagazine@yahoo.co.uk with your LULU order number and I will send you a voucher for a free PDF download of all the supplemental material for the issues purchased..”

It has a great bunch of advice and articles about old school gaming and even rehashing things from the past you can use for gaming today, that most people forgot about. For instances, there is a section called “Monster Club” and the author talks about The Monstermark system, designed by the late Don Turnbull, original published in White Dwarf Magazine. With out giving away too much about it, but its a calculation that combines how many rounds a monster can survive, with the average damage it can deal per round. OK you are saying, “OK so what? I remember that from 1979”, The difference now, is that the author revised it for Labryrinth Lord and changed it slightly. How? Read it and find out!

Moving on to another example, the author goes on to write about “The Vampire and Alternative Rules for creating terrifying Labyrinth Lord Vampires..” The article is very solid with a way you can make a vampire, giving examples and the method used for generating one. Its an interesting read, as he generates a sample character, gives the background, stats and even shows you all the charts he used for the Vampire.

With 48 pages of awesomeness packed into one issues, plus little comic strips, I give this magazine issue I’ve read a 5 out of 5. Good tips, good advice and each article is very well fleshed out in at least two pages, some going as far as 5 or 6. Check it out and support the OSR!

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