I’ve Got a Crush on You

I’ve Got a Crush on You

Hello again Dear Readers,

I have something I would like to talk about before we get into the latest column. 
As I mentioned last time I have been busy writing short stories in my spare time, well I have finally published the first two as an E-book. The book (the first in a series) can be purchased for the Kindle on Amazon by clicking the image below.

If you don’t have a Kindle you can buy it in any E-Book form (including PDF or viewing it online in HTML) on Smashwords Here.

In addition I have also started a blog.  I will primarily be using it to
discuss what I am working on or publishing, but I will also be doing a number of interviews with other indie authors and perhaps hold some contests from time to time. Click here to open My Blog stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about a new publication release in the next couple of weeks to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Now on to the column.

A while back I spoke of how I enjoyed the original Book of Lairs and decided
to create my own entries.  So without further adieu I give you the second
encounter in the +2 to Save Book of Lairs.  You can find the first
encounter (with the Bonesnappers) here.


Terrain: Hills
Total Party Levels: 12 (average 3) 
Total Magic X.P.: 2,500
Total Gold X.P.: 700Total Monster X.P.: 2,300 Set Up

* Lately merchant caravans traveling over the nearby hills have been attacked by some great armored beast with giant mandibles.  The merchant guild is offering a 500 g.p. to any group that can slay it.

* While traveling through the hills the party is attacked when the stegocentipede bursts from a disguised cavern entrance.

The Lair

The stegocentipede lives in a tunnel complex burrowed into the hills It has several exit points to these tunnel but it has one in particular along the main travel route that it hunts from.

The Tunnel Complex
The complex has several entry points throughout the hills but the party is most likely to encounter the stegocentipeded as it waits to ambush any passersby. The tunnels are about 4 1/2 feet high so human sized characters would be limited in movement in the tunnels. The stegocentipede will readily leave the tunnels to attack prey so it can use it’s tail, however if severely injured it will attempt to retreat back into the tunnels. 

The Encounter
The stegocentipede disguises the entrance to it’s tunnel along the roadway with underbrush its drags in front of the opening, rangers have a 25% chance of noticing the underbrush is out of place.  the stegocentipede is sensitive enough to feel vibrations when someone is passing by, when prey is near it will spring from the tunnel attempting to grab the closest prey in its mandibles and lashing out at others around it with its tail. If severely injured the stegocentipede will attempt to retreat back into the tunnel while dragging captured prey in its mandibles.AC: 3/6; Move: 15″; HD: 9; HP: 50; AT: 1 and 1; DAM: 2-8 and 3-12; SA: Poison; SD: Spine Armor; Align: NeutralRemains of past prey can be found in the tunnels along with 200 g.p., spear +1, 1
gem (pearl 500 g.p.), ring of protection +1.

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  1. i created the stegocentipede back around 1982. i wrote gary gygax with the idea and he loved it, asking my permission to use it. my name’s on the byline on monster manual 2 or 3. i forget which.

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