The Orangelist AKA Richard T. Balsley Childish ‘Nazi’ like list, are you on it?

Normally I don’t get involved in such things as this, or even want to put this on my blog, but this needs to be exposed, because its horrible.

We all have our political affiliation, some keep it private, while others are very outspoken in their personal lives. I, for one are one of the outspoken people, but I keep it out of gaming and my podcasts.
I hold it against no one for their decision to vote for whomever they want, I may not agree with it, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Most of us think this way except for this one man, named Richard T. Balsley, who has decided to drag this into the gaming world and attack those people for supporting whom he did not (which was Hillary).
This ‘man’ was part of an original list of gamers who got together and started the hashtag of #Gamers4Her, which was gamers who were all voting for Hillary and showing their support for Hillary as gamers. List was spearheaded by Mike Selinker.

Here is a link to the entire list of people who ‘signed’ it and who Richard is claiming back his list.

Okay, great, y’all are special snowflakes voting for Hillary. Super. Your right as part of the process.
But apparently she lost and instead of saying, “Okay, its over, back to gaming now” the list has been taken a different direction, an evil direction,  by one man named Richard T. Balsley (mug shot above) who has decided to start an #Orangelist tag to black list any gamer who supported Trump and did not vote for Hillary.

Edit: Apparently I am not blocked from his facebook, I guess I was spelling his name wrong or he unblocked me, who knows, but I am adding this.

Here are some of the recent posts of him on Twitter, I would get you his facebook posts, but I’ve been blocked and added to his #orangelist.
I have gotten my hands on said list by covertly infiltrating his ‘Nazi’ camp, below the very list he is passing around to those in the gaming industry asking that you “SHOULDN’T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T VOTE LIKE I DID AND HILLARY LOST, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
So if you want to know if you are on said list, please check it out:

 Its pretty clear we are dealing with a sick, twisted moron here and we as gamers need to stop this divide amongst each other. Gaming at the table is supposed to be a place where friends get together and have fun. Politics, religion and personal sexual behavior (this last one depends on the group in a whole) should not be talked about at the table, because it could cause various fights. WE DO NOT NEED THIS.

Edit 11/21/16 12:20pm Central time.

People wanted proof of the email that was sent, here is a screen shot from my source. Its clear in the picture below, with the email address, and the 4 attachments. You can even see an attachment preview at the bottom of the page with the big red circle around it, showing the preview of the first page.

Final Edit 11/21/16 610pm central time

I have spoken to Mike Selinker directly and I want to make it clear, he has no hand or part of this list, this all Richard’s doing and frankly I don’t care anymore. He wants to orangelist me and others, that’s his stupid decision. Comments on this blog are closed. Thank you all.

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  1. Steve Miller Reply

    If Richard T. Balsley is claiming everyone who signed the Gamers4Her list supports his pathetic blacklist, then he is an even worse human being than I assumed. I have it straight from Mike Selinker (for example) that he has no part in the "orangelist."

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I think that instead of taking him at his word that those who signed the Gamers4Her list back the orangelisting, it would be better to assume that's not the case until they actually come out and say they do or don't.

  3. The Evil DM Reply

    I have questioned a few people on that list, and they have confirmed they do not back his evil list BUT its not my responsibility to interview each person on here to see if they back it. Now this list is out, its THEIR responsibility to denounce it. Sorry.

  4. Mark Reply

    Nope. I'm not a nazi, nor am I a nazi supporter, so my name is NOT on the list. Thanks for your concern in posting this though, because in these end times no one wants to be associated with the wrong side.

  5. W. Smith Reply

    There is something weird about this guy's list. There is no way Andrew Looney (Looney Labs, makers of Fluxx card games) should be on that list. His Facebook posts clearly indicate that he is not a Trump supporter.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    I never said that it was your responsibility to see where people stand. What I did say was that it shouldn't be assumed where anyone stands on the orangelist unless they actually come out and specifically say if they back it or not, there's a big difference there.

  7. Ceronomus Reply

    Things like this are dangerous, and people behind such effort (such as McCarthy) should be rightfully cast onto the garbage heap of history.

  8. Unknown Reply

    Jonathan Tweet is on the Orangelist? The man who spearheaded #gamers4her and has a bunch of other progressive 'credentials'?

  9. Unknown Reply

    And Gunpei Yokoi? Gunpei Yokoi has been dead for nearly twenty years.

    I don't know if you're being trolled or Balsley's out to lunch, but something about that list just ain't right.

  10. The Evil DM Reply

    Dude your rambling and making zero sense. You do realize more and more screenshots are appearing from various people on Facebook showing you threatening them with this list.

    On a side note, I checked my dashboard, there is not one comment being held for moderation, nothing in spam and nothing deleted. So… not sure what to tell you man. Sorry.

  11. The Evil DM Reply

    Yes, all those screenshots with your name. Everyone got together and decided, let's all fake messages from Richard T Balsley. Yes, let's do that and waste our time and be as crazy as him. MUHHAHAHAHAHAH (in case you can't tell, this is sarcasm and we all did not do this).

  12. Jeff_Grubb Reply

    Thank you for posting this list. It is the first I have seen of it. I am a signator of the original GamersForHer letter, and while I am disappointed with the election results, do not regret my decision to sign. Nor do I intend to boycott (even if I had the power) those listed, as it includes a number of friends and colleagues. Such a listing is foul thing, and I reject it completely. Do not connect the signators of GamersForHer with the people behind this – I for one neither support nor give credance to it.

    In the wake of the election, I intend to do the same thing I would have done had my candidate won – I will work to make things better, and I will work to make better things. Thanks for giving me the chance to make my own position clear.

    Yours, Jeff Grubb

  13. Jeff_Grubb Reply

    And yes, feel free to pass this along, particularly if people are claiming that by supporting the Gamers4Her letter, the signators would all support this damned foolishness.

  14. Diana Lopez Reply

    My comment never showed up. I had to reply to a comment posted by someone else.

    Where did you get that list from? That's not a list that Balsley created, and you're misrepresenting what he said.

  15. Richard T. Balsley Reply

    Jeff, I have made no such claims as he is purporting. Several people have contacted me and I have answered all their questions regarding this issue. I have indeed decided not to work with certain people because of reasons involving my family, which I have told Mr. Florio multiple times in different venues. Ask anyone who knows me why I've said what I've done and followed through upon. Or, you can take Mr. Florio's answer as proof positive that I have done what he claims but has provided no links to. You are also free to comb through my Twitter feed and you'll find my reasonings stated there as well.

  16. Michael Varhola Reply

    LMAO! Looks like both and I my Skirmisher Publishing made this odd list! Suffice it to say this list has no basis in reality, because I publicly identify as a leftwing liberal and voted a straight Green Party ticket. I also wrote a number of anti-Trump editorials for blogs and newspapers ahead of the election, so to suggest I support the incoming regime is an especially bizarre fantasy that is refuted by the public record. But it is not for me to tell anyone else who to support and I think a list like this generated for purposes of harming anyone is loathsome. My assumption is that everyone on the list is being unfairly attacked by someone who is vindictive, dishonest, and probably mentally ill, and moving ahead the people being slurred by this person will have my support.

  17. James Lewis Reply

    After having a brief look at the disparate lists, I noted at least two individuals' names appear on EACH list (Jonathan Tweet and Skip Williams). With Mr. Tweet being listed as one of the organizers of the initial [#hashtag] movement, his name appearing on the second list seems especially…quirky.
    On another note, the opening verbiage of what is essentially a "fuck these people and businesses" list is appalling.
    Lastly, based only upon fact and reality, the notion that Tom Wham – as only ONE example – could fairly be REMOTELY characterized by terms (to use the aforementioned verbiage) such as greed, hate, a traitor (to the American people or otherwise), "uneducated Nazi bigot," or a "racist pig," is not only a reflexively-spew-your-drink-all-over-the-computer level of fuckery, it is beneath contempt. Far, far beneath.
    It's easy enough to verify I have no political "dog" in this fight (I'm the guy who favored [and I still do] a randomly selected non-violent incarcerated inmate over EITHER of the two major candidates).
    That said, the entirety of all this "FUCK YOU, you piece of shit scum of the earth" thing is a borderline (at best) sociopathic line of reasoning, especially when so when paired with an underlying justification like, "…you're not TOLERANT like me" [see how that doesn't make any sense?] is in SERIOUS need of flushing down the metaphorical shitter, posthaste and forthwith.
    It's like a couple of vindictive, entitled brats going at each, and all I want at this point is to figuratively pull this internet over and take the belt to every-damn-body in the car, then let 'em contemplate their behavior while they wait for their asses to stop feeling like they're on fire.
    For fuck's sake, everybody needs to get OVER themselves, get rid of the goddamn lists, categories, self-righteous **DELUSIONS** – and grow the fuck up.
    ALL of us.
    #HugItOut #CivilOrSTFU

  18. GRIM Reply

    I wasn't told. I'm not even American. Couldn't vote in your election and didn't – and don't – support Trump.

  19. DapperJabber Reply

    Reminds me of when we tried to Kickstart our project a year and a half ago and that N Cole guy from Motobushido was rallying his friends to shut down our game because we referenced 4chan in it and used the term "newfag" and "oldfag".
    We changed the term, but he was starting a petition to get us kicked off for a word.
    A damn word.

  20. Ceronomus Reply

    Senator McCarthy would be so terribly proud. You don't know who I am, or who I voted for, but go ahead and add me to your list since I find your actions churlish, divisive, and utterly repugnant. I'd be proud to be a part of any list that includes Tom Wham.

  21. blackstone Reply

    As a co-host of Roll For Initiative and know Vince rather well, I cannot believe that he would fabricate/hoax such a thing as Richard seems to imply. If this is a hoax, I would say that Vince was given or found false information. If that is the case, the person who created it should be called out and apologize. If this isn't a hoax, then Richard needs to apologize for such a list. This list is uncalled for. Bringing real world politics into the gaming industry by suggesting to boycott publishers and authors smacks of McCarthyism. Yes, Vince is outspoken for his political views, but he never let's that interfere with the podcast, and as far as I know, hasn't called for a boycott of gamers/publishers who don't hold his own political views. Such a thing is just outright stupid. Why alienate part of your audience? Support who you want. I don't care. We're all gamers. If you want to sign a list to support your candidate, go right ahead. BUT when you use such leverage in our industry to even suggest to boycott fellow gamers? That goes beyond the pale.

  22. Ken Burnside Reply

    Isn't it interesting that Agents of Gaming is on the list, and has been out of business for more than a decade…

    Richard, I'm the principal of Ad Astra Games. Please document your attempt to contact me.

  23. Ken Burnside Reply

    Ad Astra's position is that we'll work with anyone who knows our products and does work we can use, and that whomever you voted for in this election is your business, not ours.

    While we were going to create a Black Friday discount code that ran through the first Sunday in December…we're going to start it a day or two earlier than normal, and call it the NoOrangeList code instead.

    It is functional now, at Ad Astra Games and is good for 10% off anything in the store.

  24. Timothy S. Brannan Reply

    I am on the original "Gamers4Her" list. It was my choice to be on that list then and it is still my choice now. That being said I have no intention to boycott anyone on these "Orange Lists".

    I have my doubts about these lists.
    For example, Misfit Studios is on the list. The head Misfit, Steve Trustrum is Canadian and fairly liberal.

    This list means nothing. No one is going to pay any attention to it.

  25. Ken Burnside Reply

    British Isles Traveller Support is on the list, and are, well, British.
    Andy Looney is on the list, and is left-libertarian.
    I'm on the list and I'm centrist-libertarian.
    Two companies on the list are out of business for more than a decade.

    I'm choosing to use it as an opportunity to get my Black Friday sales in early. When life gives you bullshit, fertilize the tomatoes with it…

  26. Unknown Reply

    This is list is beyond ridiculous and I have never even heard of this Richard Balsey and based on the number of his followers, neither has anyone else so he has no influence in the industry. We at Club Fantasci don't care who you vote for and welcome eveyone in the board gaming community. We believe that inclusion means everyone no matter what they believe in, what they identify as or what party they belong to politically. Everyone and I mean everyone has their good things and bad things about themselves. Everyone brings a unique skill, talent or personality to our wonderful community. No "political affiliation" makes anyone any better than anyone else and to imply otherwise is foolish, rude, stereotyping and categorically false. Me thinks some people don't understand their own rhetoric when it comes to love, inclusion, peace or tolerance. Your anger or political views does not give you the right to demean others because of their vote as it doesn't make them anything other than an American.

  27. WJ MacGuffin Reply

    In the email screenshot above used as evidence, it looks like Richard Balsley SENT the original email asking for a copy of the orangelist. Below the jpg attachments, it says:

    ——Original Message——-
    From: balsley.r
    To: [REDACTED]
    Subject: Orange list

    Word is you are the man to get a copy of the orange list from
    I can't seem to find one anywhere and don't want to buy from douchbags

    Now, I'm no AOL Mail guru. But it seems to me the FROM line indicates who sent the email, and TO would be the Evil DM's email. What am I missing?

  28. The Evil DM Reply

    I should say that is not my email redacted, but my source. He blacked it out when he sent it to me. If you look at the very top near the attachments it shows who its from as well.

  29. WJ MacGuffin Reply

    Fair enough on the email address. But why does the Original Message show Balsley sent the email asking for a copy of the orangelist if he made it?

  30. Blake Reply

    BTRC went out of business after a fire back in the 1990's. Unless you are using a Ouija board, I have no idea how you "contacted them".

  31. Deadstop Reply

    Okay, so, SOMEBODY made this list, but it is nonsensical and Mr. Balsley and others have popped up here to say Balsley didn't make it. Mayhap the good DM Vince got taken by an unfortunate bit of trolling that's going around? I've been seeing hints of the "orangelist" popping up on social media since the election, but no one's ever managed to turn up the actual thing until this version, and this one is ridiculous. Maybe someone is just trying to get people fighting?

  32. Deadstop Reply

    BTRC exists and is putting out more stuff in the last few years than it did back in the day. Pretty sure it's still the same guy (Greg Porter), too.

  33. Monica Valentinelli Reply

    Publicly stated in several places, but I see I need to say this again: I do not support the so-called Orange List. I do not support a boycott of Hillary supporters, either. I signed the Gamers4Her list to take a stand, but I did so knowing that in this country you have every right to vote for whomever you wish. The Orange List is a terrible, awful initiative that will hurt a lot of people on multiple levels, and I do not and will not support any action taken based on "suspicions" of who someone voted for, let alone an entire company's worth of individuals. This is ridiculous in the best of times, and awfully divisive now.

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