Volume 4 Issue 159 – L1 Secret of Bone Hill

Intro – 0:00.000
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Table Manners – Secret of Bone Hill Walkthrough 10:16.607

DM Rules – Secret of Bone Hill as a DM 1:08:03.486


4 thoughts on “Volume 4 Issue 159 – L1 Secret of Bone Hill

  1. Thanks for this one, I enjoyed both L podcasts. These have been among my favorite modules that I never read back in the day, but have been reading and tinkering with in the last few years. IMO, Restenford seemed more interesting and useful than Hommlett.

  2. My one comment is, does every module need to be written for new DMs? It seems to me that a nice sandbox is useful for an experienced or intermediate level DM. I do not see the level of the module as being a negative.

  3. Did you guys suggest that a 7 HD monster would suddenly be summoned if the party tried to activate the ring of elemental command?

    LOL Sounds like fun, but that’s a nasty thing to do. 🙂

    I went back to my module I certainly didn’t read it that way. From what I can tell the ring activates when you kill an air elemental or a fire or lightning breathing creature or something like a medusa 🙂

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