Volume 3 Issue 156 – Are You Experienced

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Sage Advice – 31:31.144
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“Defining and Realigning the Monk” – Dragon Magazine Issue 53 pg 10
“Why Isn’t This Monk Smiling?” – Dragon Magazine Issue 53 pg 6

Table Manners – Experience Points and Leveling – 39:27.575
“Experience Points To Ponder: A New System” – Dragon Magazine Issue 36 pg 40

Creature Feature Theater – Alternate Monster to Hit/Saving Throw/XP Charts – 1:21:47.212
“New Charts, Using the ‘5%’ Principle” – Dragon Magazine Issue 80 pg 48

2 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 156 – Are You Experienced

  1. I believe the XP for magic items is for Making the item, not for just finding it in a dungeon, or shop. I do not award XP for magic items. a magic weapon makes it possible to gain experience in the future. I give 1 XP per GP obtained by the character, if they make a deal where they get a larger share, then they get more XP. If they sell anything they gain XP for it. Thieves get extra XP if they steal it, clerics get extra XP if they receive money to further their faith. They get XP for monsters, but if they are small numbers of weak monsters I drop the already low XP. If the tenth level fighter wants to be a rat catcher, that is fine with me, but it could take centuries to reach eleventh if all he is going to do is hunt Kobolds. If they complain, I simply advise them to pick on somebody their own size, can also be phrased as “Grow a pair!”

  2. I had a dm that would assign shares of xp to players at 1 share per level of experience. The rational was that lower level characters running with higher level characters were getting xp out of proportion to their contribution.

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