Volume 3 Issue 129 – Letters to the Editor IV

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2 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 129 – Letters to the Editor IV

  1. Sorry about that, but the E-mail and all the questions sort of have been worked out. Sent the Email two or so week’s ago.

    So we have moved on from the keep to the Halloween themed Ravenloft Since it’s October. We now have two men at arms and I plan on helping my characters level. Also since my characters have gotten some fair amount of money. The fighters are

    I play during lunch time at my High school with my friends. That is the reason we have limited time. As of today a new player joined up. Tomarrow as of this post I will be making his character with him.

    I plan on having The Caves of Chaos as a Place where my Party will return. I feel the Reptile Cult module would be a great Adventure to start out with after Ravenloft, to get back on the main adventure line of my original plan.

    Which was to have an evil cult trying to gather parts of an evil lich.
    The parts would be scattered from the Caves, isle of dread, A desert adventure, and Dragon mountain. I can see how I could rework or go with cult of the reptile god to introduce the cult better.

    I did sorta railroad the party to Ravenloft,Yet they seemed more then happy to fight the forces of darkness.

    The climax will be a return quest in which they need to return to the different areas and retrieve 4 magical gems to open Dragon Mountain. Yet before they know it they’ve helped the Villans more then themselves.

    Here’s my blog with my adventure blogs: http://abecedariandm.blogspot.com/

    Thanks everyone

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