Volume 3 Issue 122 – Adventures in Fantasy: Book of Adventure

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Table Manner – Adventures in Fantasy by Dave Arneson 12:45.665


2 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 122 – Adventures in Fantasy: Book of Adventure

  1. I can understand the negativity on a game such as was covered in this podcast, but why did you guys even decide to talk about the game if all you were going to do for the whole thing was just complain and nag about it? I would have liked to hear about things that the DMs found interesting or unique about the game setup, rather than how the term “player” was used consistently throughout the book in the place of “character”.

    1. Chaz — The look at the game started out as a nice look at the game, but as we really dove into it, it became what it is. We did point out things we did find interesting, but if that was all what was said, it would have been a 10 minute show. Sorry, thanks for listening!

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