Volume 3 Issue 112 – The Forest Oracle

This week the RFI crew is joined by Gygax Magazine Editor, James Carpio as they cover the module N2 The Forest Oracle.

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Sage Advice – 18:47.607
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& Magazine “A Book of Miscellaneous Spells – http://www.and-mag.com/download/and-sup-s5001.pdf

Table Manners – N2 The Forest Oracle 1:05:09.124

Creature Feature Theater- Baboons 2:15:40.666
Monster Manual pg 8

Treasure Chest – Dealing with Randomly Rolled Items 2:30:22.770

Outro – 2:40:09.480


2 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 112 – The Forest Oracle

  1. Do you guys think you could get some authoritative comment from WotC on the A-Series Premium book?

    The S-Series did not meet the expectations of the Core reprints. While I am not particular about artwork because I am not buying a coffee table book, I would like to have usable maps. The maps in S-Series were unusable. They were sewn into the perfect binding of the books and so close to the binding’s gutter that they cannot be photocopied properly. The DM needs to recreate the maps, and in flipping back and forth, the pages in the book will tear – especially if the maps are not separate from the book and frequently consulted at the table.

    The lack of care in reproducing the artwork and the lack of “premium” features (features evident in the premium reprints of the core) is not worthy of mention as a collector’s book. So I am confused: is it a book for use in play that fails, or a collector’s item that fails?

    What I am looking for is the answer to the question has the A-Series, now being printed and shipped from China, has been given the same treatment? And, if so, will PDF maps be made available to complement the book?

    I hope you’ll be able to get an answer. I have been stonewalled everywhere like no-one knows and no-one cares to know at the WotC monkey house.

  2. Re: Weretiger – Imagine the group finding all this weretiger paraphalellia and then rolling up a (normal) tiger on the random encounter table … I bet they’d brick it!! Probably split and run … or frantically look for all that weretiger gear, silver items etc … I think it is a bit of an ‘Easter Egg’ type joke.

    Re: Golem – it’s a trap – only a dumb (low level) group would choose to fight it when they don’t need to, a smart group just walks on by …

    Give ‘Carl’ a break ;O)

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