Volume 2 Issue 99 – Mailbag of Holding

In preparation for next week’s double sized Issue 100, RFI clears out the voicemail and e-mail backlog and spends the entire issue responding to listener questions.

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DM Matt,

Had hand surgery (right, dominant hand) back in 2009, right before I got out of the military) after a crazy snowplow blade versus wrist injury that ruptured a bunch of ligaments between three of my little wrist bones by the pinky. Technically, it is called a triangulofibrocartilage tear (TFCC tear), and the repair required a few internal permanent stitches and the entire surgery was done with three scopes. Unfortunately, the doc said the risk of hitting and cutting some nerves to the skin was possible and sure enough, he must have fumbled as he hit two of them and now I have permanent skin sensation loss to the radial and ulnar nerve branches that go to the back and pinky side of the hand. The only good thing that came out of it was I got to do lots of reading, mostly old D&D rule books (yep, I still got my old 1st edition rulebooks). I was listening to some podcast about GenCon 2009 and heard about Pathfinder coming out but was bummed that I lived too far away to go get a copy and meet some of the Paizo people, so I ordered a book online and sent an email to the Paizo people and asked if it was possible to “pass the core rulebook around for signatures” while I was still in my cast and healing. I though that it would never occur, but they must have sent it to nearly 20 people in the company to get it signed. Just go to prove once again that most gamers are really cool. I totally feel your pain when you said that Doorknobs are giving you trouble, I was also frustrated with zippers, buttons, using any key (door or car) and opening pop cans. Just wait till you get your cast off and try to really move your hand for the first time —- OUCH! It took me nearly 1 month to get used to putting things in my pockets too, it just hurt too much to have fabric touch the surgery site. Despite all that, after about a year, I got a tiny bit of feeling back, but most is still gone, but my range of motion is much better and I don’t think the motion and sensation I lost is too bad… I can still type and write. Every now and then I will “turn a door knob” or push a grocery cart and a twinge of pain will occur at the old surgery site, but it is not too bad.

So, perhaps you can milk your injury to get some of your stuff signed !!!

Good luck with your recovery,

Minot, ND

I’m listening to your Polyhedron podcast and at the end where you get to mentioning HackMaster I was disappointing in your commentary. First of all, Nick….seriously? The Hacklopedia of Beasts came out over a year ago, but according to you it might have just come out.

While I get that HackMaster might be too crunchy of a game for you DM Vince, I find it surprising you were confused by Jolly’s count-up board. All that thing is an unnecessary game-aid that counts the seconds of combat starting at 1. Players just put a marker on the count track to remember when their next move is. Many players use different trackers (if at all), but basically the whole device is just a counter. You made it seem more like an abacus.

I usually like all of your podcast except for when you speak ill of any game that isn’t 1st Edition….even if it is a game I don’t care for. Odds are the majority of your listeners do not play 1st Edition on a regular basis, but if they are lucky the do play other games.

I am one of those listeners…….

Chris S

Hey Guys,
I love your podcasts!!! I know you addressed the issue of playing with 1 DM and 1 PC; along somewhat similar lines, I was wondering if there’s a way to modify the game so a person can play alone(the DM & PC are one in the same)? My initial thoughts would be that there would be a LOT of dice rolls to randomly determine decisions, actions, etc., to keep things fair…


I began playing AD and D last week for the first time since the 80s. I purchased the new reissued books and immediately perused the volumes like it was water for a thirsty sole. Then,Sunday, I found your podcast and have listened to the last and the first 4 issues. Wow, I am blown away. There are others who are playing 1st edition! Thanks for your enthusiasm and knowledge. Its a blast listening to you guys. keep it up!


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