Volume 2 Special Insert 4 – All About the Angels

Volume 2 Special Insert 4 – All About the Angels

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  • Where can you find Angels for your campaign?
  • Different types of Angels?
  • How would you use them?
  • Allowing players to be an Angel, and fight Demons?
    —–the race of the Scions and the Elysiat and Seraphist character class
    —- “Would a campaign Angels vs Demons work?”

Plus your e-mails answered:

DM Brendon – Hi RFI,
Thanks for the great work on the podcast. With all your experience, I thought you might be able to help me with some ideas on how to run a “behind enemy lines” campaign. I’d like to run one soon, where as it starts off, the place where the PCs grow up is overtaken by an enemy force, and they just manage to escape, with most of the campaign taking place in enemy occupied territory.  This scenario doesn’t lend itself well to the “get a quest that requires a dungeoncrawl” sort of thing that I have done before.  How do I fill it up with stuff to do, and expose a forward path for them, so that they’re not just wondering “What the heck do we do now?”
Looking forward to the next podcast,

Hello guys. Just wanted to tell you how amazing your podcast is. 10 out of 10. I live in Essex, England and have been listening to you geezers while on the London Underground to work. It’s bringing loads of memories of playing d&d back in the seventies when I was a nipper. I have always been a fan since then but stop playing for many years, but you have awoken my thirst for adventure! Thinking of how those Tube trains on the underground are about the same size and shape as a purple worm. Blimey, those beasts are big. See, you have even got me thinking like a kid again. Got all my old manuals down from the loft. My wife thinks I have gone barking mad. You guys are magical, thanks for such a great show. Best wishes, DM Robby from UK. Cheers

Jonathan – Talks about his campaign experiences agains Orcs and how it ended badly.
April is coming up soon, and with it April Fools Day… I remember looking online a while back and finding stats for Elmo (from Sesame Street) in AD&D… I remember it being kind of creepy and hard to hit, much less kill… I think it would be hilarious hearing your reaction to it… It should be easy to find online if you decide to go with it…

Nick in Everett – After going threw most of your archive on iTunes, I picked up some old AD&D books off of Amazon. Well skimming the monster manual two, I found a monster that brought up Two interesting questions. The monster in question is from Page 80, is the foxwoman. My fist question is; have any of you used the foxwoman in a campaign, and two what would you say would happen to any pore soul who was not of the specified elven woman who catches lycanthropy off of her? would they gust become a were-fox or would you turn them into a foxwoman? Thank you for your time.

DM Joe – Dear RFI I am currently running a campaign of my own creation, and was wondering if you guys could think of any stand alone modules I could run my PCs through. they will be 3-5 level. I am trying to plan out my campaign as quick as possible, as they might go quickly through the other adventures I have planed.


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