Volume 1 Issue 44 – I’m a Monster! RARRR!

Issue 44 – I’m a Monster! RARRR!

RFI returns this week and approaches the idea of monsters as PC classes. We also answer the ago old question of who would win a foot race between two player characters and a hippopotamus, when talking about chase rules. And Blackstone returns this week reviewing the final module in the S series, S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. You’ll hear all of this and more in this weeks issue of Roll for Initiative.

Intro – 0:00.000

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Sage Advice – 6:53.077
Seeking Sage Advice? Contact RFI via our call in line 570-865-4210 or Via E-mail RFIStaff@gmail.com

Table Manners – ” Monster PC’s” – 15:26.218
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 21
Full Frontal Nerdity – http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/ffn/index.php?date=2010-11-16

Game Mechanics – “Chase Rules” -27:41.414
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 15

Creature Feature – Lava Children – 42:03.747
Fiend Folio pg 61

Dragon’s Hoard – Magic Manuals – 45:25.155

Blackstone’s Vault – S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth 54.22.641

10ft Poll/Outro — 1:09:55.135


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