Volume 1 Issue 40 – Cavalier

This week RFI unearths arcana and discusses the Cavalier. Is this class a worthy addition to your game or is it a lawful stupid paladin on a horse? Find out in this weeks issue of Roll For Initiative.

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  1. angelicdoctor

    Thanks to the information contained in this podcast, I shall embark on for the first time an adventurous career as a Cavalier player character. Am looking forward to running through with my trusty lance not a few worg riders! 😉

    Great podcast once again, guys!

  2. DMCojo

    I love the cavalier class…lots of fun. Probably my favorite one to play.

  3. Freelancer

    Not sure how I never caught on to your podcasts before, but you guys are rocking it! Keep up the great work (I can’t wait to listen to all of your podcasts).

    PS: Cavs are my favorite class, but they are too powerful. Dragon Mag issue #148 had an article (“The Corrected Cavalier”) which does a lot to fix this class. Not sure if you mentioned it since I am half way through your podcast.

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