Volume 1 Issue 3 – Bringing Your Old Game Books Back to Life

Week number 3 talks about re-binding your old hardcover books, and features a mysterious scroll delivered from the world of Greyhawk…

This week’s chapters:
Re-binding your books
Letters From Greyhawk: Thane’s Tale
Creature Feature Theater: The Beholder
Playing Tips: Alignment
The Dragon’s Hoard: Glowing Globe
Sticker’s Spotlight: Keeping Track of…
The Library: Quag Keep


4 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 3 – Bringing Your Old Game Books Back to Life

  1. Hi guys,
    2nd podcast where you covered something that might come across better on a visual medium but I’m not gonna complain because you backed it up with visual aids on the site. Excellent. Again, another timely episode for me as one of the two Player Handbooks I recieved from my Ebay order was a gimme, as the binding is torn at the bottom. What I know how treat it. Lastly, my wife DID get me the AD&D 1st ed. Monster Manual – and in very fine condition no less. I have now replaced my lost 1st ed. core rule books.
    Looking forward to episode 4.

  2. Guys, Andre Norton wasn’t a player of D&D with Gary Gygax. If she did, it was for research but I think that I recall reading that she never met him prior to writing the book.

  3. I just started listening to the archive of pod casts, great stuff. Hmm fighting a beholder is tough simply because you can’t approach this thing in a direct manner however, blinding the beholder in someway is actually effective. I think I had someone actually get an insect swarm spell off on one and all the insects basically blinded all the eyes by constantly stinging them. That was kinda funny to see this nightmarish monster just screaming “GET THEM OFF ME!!” I hadn’t actually thought about the gust of wind deal and just pushing it around. Invisibility works out pretty well too as long as you plan it carefully. I’ve had a party make it’s casters basically summon a small army of monsters and elementals to just overwhelm the eye tyrant, and I’ve had one mage use Duo-Dimension creatively to pretty much go one on one against a beholder.

  4. I always liked the idea of a beholder controlling all the organized crime in Waterdeep.

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