Mazes & Perils Monster: Reanimated Hand

In efforts to make the Mazes and Perils free clone rpg noticed, I’ve decided to start making up new monsters for use with the game. Of course this monster can be used with any fantasy edition of gaming.  Reanimated Hand Move: 120’/turn*Alignment: lawful EvilHit Dice: 7Attacks: Slam or TrampleSpecial: See belowArmor Class: 2Damage: 1-8 or 1-10Treasure

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A map.. one of mine?

So its like 0130 hrs when I am typing this up. Why? because I’ve been up all night trying to learn InDesign so I can layout my game I am designing. InDesign is a pain in the butt. But while going through my notes and stuff, I found this little tidbit. Not sure what I

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How to get your players into some RolEplaying, instead of RolLplaying.

Many have wondered in forums and even asked me, How can I get my players more involved in some roleplaying, instead of just having that generic dungeon crawl with Bob the fighter. Method 1: Gold! Players love gold. Plain and simple. Its the reason most players use for their characters to be questing. So why

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