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RailGuns & Dragons – Determining Super Abilities & Powers

Notes: In this video I continue along the path and talk about Determining your super power category as well as if you need to roll for you super powers. ►Helpful Links◄ (These are affiliated links, each click supports my shows) ◘ Palladium Fantasy 1e book ––1st-Edition-Rules?affiliate_id=421647 ◘ Palladium Fantasy 2e book – ◘

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Following up on Solo RPGs and a Voicemail!

Audio is not supported in your browser Kevin from the Redcaps podcast ( dropped me a voicemail talking about his thoughts on SoloRPGs. Leave me a voicemail if you’d like to talk to me! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: * This article was originally published here

Character Creation is not a chore.

  Just talking about my thoughts on character creation and how it shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a fun time to begin your journey in a new game. Leave me a voice mail and tell me what you think — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: source

Fall of the Order Episode 63 – Season 4 starts here, the Captain returns! Season 4 starts here as the group meets back up with an old friend who happens to need a favor, the Captain is back! Characters include: Count Alexander SinClaire – Noble Cade Hollins – Medic Nika Daggoth – Pilot Krom Humey – Bounty Hunter Captain Nivvick – Pilot Corey – Game Master Follow the

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Shadowrun Fatal Error Ep 24 – Season Finale – Trusted Source is behind this? The group after recovering from the battle, review some interesting footage that The Way had captured with one of his drones. The images disappoint the group as they have to make a decision to act on it. Players & Characters on the show: Vince – FranZisco Nikon – Decker Stephen – Brendan Crowe –

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